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Adult Training 

Outsorc is highly experienced in creating, rejuvenating and performance managing adult technical training programmes for vehicle manufacturers. Using purpose build facilities and modern equipment and vehicles, recruiting industry specialists and supporting them with the right tools and infrastructure, and working closely with our client, are central to our approach. Typically, Outsorc works closely with client knowledge-holders, Trainers, Assessors and learners to develop new and refine existing training material and training delivery methods so the outsource programme maintains the highest quality standards. Great training programmes are those that maximise the transference of learning from the classroom or workshop into the workplace in the most cost-effective and efficient way.

To find out more on how Outsorc deliver change for automotive manufacturers please read our How we work page.


+88% With the help of Outsorc the OEM increased the first time fix rate by 88% after implementing a targeted product training programme
+50% With the help of Outsorc the available technical training days increased by 50% after restructuring the training programme and leadership intervention
+36% With the help of Outsorc the OEM increased customer satisfaction by 36% after first time fix technician training