Our Solutions
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Outsorc’s unique approach to advising clients strategically and tactically is intended to help ensure the long-term success of automotive companies whilst so much is changing around them as the industry continues to transform. We treat our clients businesses as our own and work closely with their knowledge-holders to define pragmatic, unique, solutions based on their commercial needs. Our consulting service leverages extensive experience in the global automotive industry to help companies solve business challenges efficiently and to high quality standards.

Services range through:

  • Advising clients on the creation of new operational improvement programmes – scope, infrastructure (systems, processes, organisation, facilities, applications, data and information), business-model and implementation strategy. This helps ensure our outsourced solutions are both effectively and efficiently implemented with minimal risk; and
  • Providing deeper, evidence-based insight and understanding into strategic and operational challenges to forward progress, and practical and coherent guidance on actions designed to work together and reinforce each other to improve performance levels. Typical assignments include: competitive intelligence and benchmarking, customer research, market analysis, service development, product launch and problem solving.

“…recently OUTSORC completed a high profile, time-pressured after-sales project for our Senior Management team…the project was completed on-time, to a high standard with clear and practical recommendations…”

Example Assignments

Pricing Adjustments to the trade parts pricing strategy for a leading manufacturer using deep analysis of competitors, customers, OEM goals and network engagement. The impact was an immediate and material improvement in volume and margin for target fast- moving mechanical parts.
Performance Deep analysis of a leading manufacturer’s technical training programme to identify areas for performance improvement to meet stretching operating standards. The impact was within 6-months all programme KPIs and the Service Level Agreement were being achieved. Learners on the programme grew by 52%.
Sales Worked with the Senior Management Team of a leading paint brand to critique and build the present OEM after-market strategy and search for market adjacencies. The impact was a 40% increase in net sales within 18-months and a 26% increase in revenue earned in new markets.
Market Commercial analysis of four country after-markets in North America and Europe. Developed the market entry strategy for the chosen after-market, the company’s value proposition and customer experience, and a detailed implementation plan. The impact was entering the right market with the right proposition to secure immediate and growing market share.
Customer Developed a new customer segmentation strategy for a leading automotive supplier and involved customer, competitor and market analysis. The impact was an improved target customer definition, customer preferences, buying behaviour and profitability. Within 12-months customer portfolio sales increased by 15%.
Product Developed a New Product Development (NPD) programme for a leading automotive supplier. Working with management, suppliers and customers developed a NPD pipeline of +£7M with clear priorities and commercialisation plans. The impact was the launch of a series of product extensions to bolster operating margin and customer satisfaction.