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& Impact

Apprenticeship Training

Outsorc is highly experienced in creating, rejuvenating and performance managing multi-award winning apprenticeship training programmes on behalf of vehicle manufacturers. Using purpose built facilities, recruiting industry specialists and supporting them with the right tools and infrastructure, and working closely with our client, is central to our approach.

Outsorc provides a menu solution: using their own training facilities or those of Outsorc, accessing government funding, performance managing the outsource team, recruitment of apprentices, managing award ceremonies, hotel accommodation, etc.

Our client impact is why Outsorc is the preferred supplier.

“…OUTSORC has continually achieved, to a high level, an extensive range of KPIs across the whole programme…”
Helen Taylor, Mercedes-Benz

OEM Impact

+90% Annual apprentices
recruited onto the
programme grew by 90%
+52% Total learners on
the programme
grew by 52%
+145% The outsource team
was expanded by
145% to match demand
+89% Timely success rates
increased to 89% and
the overall success
rate to 90%
Winner of the NAS Large Employer Apprenticeship Programme of the Year
Winner of the IMI Training Centre of the Year
Winner of the allabout School Leavers in 5 separate categories