Our Solutions & Impact

Compliance Auditing

OUTSORC provides industry-leading audit services to the global automotive industry.

Our specialist auditors have unrivalled automotive experience and expertise; And they’re supported by class-leading processes, systems and tools that help ensure our client’s operations, value-chain, processes and branded customer experience meet high and exacting standards – and ensure compliance with stringent government regulations, legislation and standards.

We offer you a truly unique, independent audit service through reliable inspection, brand certification and and verification – all focused on the specific needs of the automotive industry that:

  • Ensures the safe repair of vehicles across the network
  • Focuses on business development for the brand
  • Focuses on continuous improvement through industry best practices, knowledge-sharing and training
  • Focuses on-site audits on when and where they’re needed most
  • Provides a real-time, accurate view on areas of network non-compliance and shows network improvement initiatives and implementation progress

On-site compliance audits should be more than ‘tick-box’ site visits by an auditor with a veneer of after-market expertise.  OUTSORC auditors are industry specialists that work with the network to raise standards and performance levels and reducing risk and areas of non-conformance.  Developing site-specific Compliance Action Plans with SMART objectives and activity, underpins our approach to continuous improvement.  

Introducing ORDITR, our secure, data encrypted mobile audit compliance used by the Auditor to record and report the audit and areas of brand conformance/non-conformance, equipment itinerary, supporting images, certificates, etc.  ORDITR enables the Auditor to quickly develop and agree the Compliance Action Plan with SMART activities, at the end of the audit.  And the Brand can access audit results in seconds.  ORDITR contains the very latest bespoke and menu-driven management information reporting for the brand on laptop, iPad and mobile.      

Introducing SATR, our Self Audit Tool that enables the Bodyshop (for example) to self-audit.  The primary role of SATR is to focus the OUTSORC field audit team: thinking about and doing the things that matter most in raising repair network repair quality standards; allocating more time supporting areas of the network that present the greatest risk to the brand and/or have the greatest opportunity for business development and implementing new brand initiatives.   SATR provides the very latest bespoke and menu-driven management information reporting for the brand on laptop, iPad and mobile.