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Commercial Training

OUTSORC is highly experienced and capable in creating, rejuvenating and performance managing tailored commercial training programmes for vehicle manufacturers. From the design, development and delivery of training of specific skills to the management of national training academies and supporting infrastructure, OUTSORC works closely with clients to understand the training needs of staff, dealers and repair centres in achieving corporate objectives and improving outcomes for customers. From helping to improve the understand of the business people work in to bridging competency gaps to enhancing knowledge and skills to best-in-class, OUTSORC employs and manages the most capable teams that help ensure the training programme is successful. 

OUTSORC ensures all activity complies with automotive industry regulations as well as incorporate the best training techniques and material from other industries. Operational flexibility and quality are key and so working with the client’s existing training assets to ensure optimum efficiency and operating costs and performance measurement, is central in our approach.  

OUTSORC’s training experience, expertise and commitment to quality means we are trusted by leading vehicle manufacturers to deliver.