Our Approach

How We Work

Our approach is to be the bridge between our client’s future performance and growth aspirations, and where they are today. A framework for how we go about this includes:

Working closely with OEMs to understand their unique challenges, strengths and limitations, and objectives for the outsource programme.

Exploring with the project sponsor and client knowledge-holders alternative delivery models and funding-models.

Agreeing the key performance metrics for the outsource programme and incorporating these into the Outsorc People Performance Management System that co-ordinates the day-to-day activity of individuals and the whole team.

Working with OEM suppliers and our own network of specialist suppliers to enhance programme delivery.

Securing the commitment of the OEM network to make the outsource programme successful. Using Outsorc’s robust recruitment, selection and induction process to find the right experts.

Using a transparent fee-model with no hidden costs/ margin.

Facilitating regular monthly and quarterly programme reviews to evaluate performance levels and define areas for improvement.

Continually training and developing our staff so they remain experts in their field.

Working with client sponsors to evolve the programme over time to help reduce operating costs and/or increase performance levels using the same resource.


“…the quarterly operations meetings are extremely productive, insightful, thought-provoking and improvement orientated…they have certainly helped us focus on what’s important and how to drive performance and operational efficiency…”
Brian Burns, Renault Trucks