Our Approach

How We’re Different

Outsorc believes that improved performance can not be achieved through technology alone: the right people, with the right skills, working in a brand-aligned way, performing the right activities at the right time and in the right way, ultimately, determines a successful OEM operational programme. We’re different to most other OEM partners in the following ways:

Strength through specialisation – Outsorc is focused exclusively on the automotive industry and serving the business needs of OEMs and their first-tier suppliers.

Partnership is central to the way we do business. Our automotive industry experts work with our client teams to enhance understanding and capability.

Employing Experts – adopting a rigorous recruitment process to employ only industry experts that are capable of maximising value-creation for our clients.

Performance Management – through our performance management system, ensure the commercial objectives of the client are seamlessly aligned with the day-to-day activities of individuals, the team and our wider organisation.

Superior Account Management – providing Senior Executives with relevant knowledge and skills to support our client stakeholders.

Fee-Models – enabling our client’s to choose between a fixed-cost model or risk/reward fee-models where a proportion of our total remuneration is driven by our contribution to the achievement of client objectives.

Materiality– measuring the contribution we make to improved performance levels in ways and language our clients understand and agree with.


“…we have called upon the internal expertise and capability of the wider Outsorc organisation (at no cost) to assist in tackling some complex after-sales challenges.  My experience was excellent…”   
Lee Berrell, Volvo Cars


 “…OUTSORC is a professional, highly experienced organisation.  Their attention to detail, understanding of how to recruit, performance manage and retain quality staff in ways that meet our high and exacting standards is why OUTSORC is playing an important and growing role in executing our after-sales strategy in the United Kingdom…”
Helen Taylor, Mercedes-Benz