About Us


Our senior management team work hard to understand the unique challenges in the automotive industry and the unique business requirements of our clients that ultimately determine a successful personalisation of an outsource solution. Since 2007, our motivation is achieving our client’s objectives in a cost-effective, branded way.

Outsorc has grown year-on-year and management is committed to ongoing investment in people skills, culture, and delivery infrastructure to keep up with the demands of our existing and future clients.


Mike Yorke, Managing Director

Mike joined our business in 2007. He is Managing Director with highly developed leadership and operational management skills gained through numerous Senior Management positions in the automotive sector. He has worked with a number of leading vehicle manufacturer brands across North America and Europe, and has deep understanding of what makes outsource solutions successful. Since joining the company, Mike has been instrumental in growing and building our infrastructure to support clients improve performance.





Daniel Emery, Director

Daniel is a founding Director of our company and Chairman. He has extensive experience in advisory to vehicle manufacturers and automotive supply chains in the international automotive industry, and supporting companies realise YoY incremental revenue growth. Daniel has played a leading role in developing and executing our business strategy and working closely with clients to overcome key obstacles to forward progress: creating better performing versions of themselves.





Rod Castle, Director

Rod is a founding Director of our company. He has extensive experience in supporting companies achieve profitable and sustainable growth, with deep roots in the international automotive industry gained through numerous Senior Management Positions. Rod has played a leading role in working with our clients on ways to maximise the investment return in outsource solutions, aligning the client and our objectives and performance metrics, and rejuvenating existing programmes: making them bigger, better, faster.





“In terms of managing the outsource team, OUTSORC is very professional, focused, performance-orientated and capable.  Their experience and expertise in managing outsource programmes for vehicle manufacturers and suppliers shows in their thinking and approach to implementing key activities.  I also like the fact that we can call upon additional, highly specialised resource to support us think-through any issues or challenges – inside and outside the programme..”
Brian Burns, Renault Trucks