About Us

Our Automotive Manufacturer Clients

We partner with executives that want to create better-performing companies: better versions of themselves; To be better or bigger at what they already do, or evolve by introducing new parts to their operation or to reinvent themselves by becoming substantially different. They are forward thinking with high expectations.

  • Our client sponsors are leaders with unquenched ambition and determination to succeed and are resolutely focused on what matters most.
  • Our clients are typically vehicle manufacturer brands and their approved retail and after-market networks, and first-tier suppliers.
  • Large multinational companies.
  • Small and medium-sized companies.

Our client’s demand that we:

  • Think and behave like their brand is our brand, our investment, our risk.
  • Quickly understand the obstacles to improved performance, afford deeper insight and measured challenge to management assumptions.
  • Work with internal knowledge-holders to secure high levels of commitment from the retailers and after-market service and repair centres.
  • Provide practical and actionable advice. Leave the brand in a stronger position.

“…we started with a single outsource programme and now OUTSORC supports us across five separate programmes…I guess this is the best way to demonstrate to others that the company delivers…”
Helen Taylor, Mercedes-Benz

“This programme still remains one of the best investments that we have made…”
Lee Berrell – Aftersales Product & Programmes Manager, Volvo Cars