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Trade Parts

Outsorc is highly experienced in creating, rejuvenating and performance managing branded trade parts programmes for vehicle manufacturers, in the UK and internationally. Recruiting industry specialists and supporting them with the right tools and infrastructure, enhancing the repairer offer and experience, and working closely with our client, is central to our approach.

Typically, Outsorc manages the branded field teams to work with the vehicle manufacturer’s approved networks to increase OEM captive and non-captive parts sales used in the vehicle service and repair process and selling parts to the Independent Motor Trade. Creating and co-ordinating focused marketing, managing outbound call centres and the capture and analysis of data, can all form part of the outsource solution.

Our client impact is why Outsorc is a preferred supplier.

“…the manufacturer programme now delivers and adds value to the approved network…the brand is now punching above its weight in terms of repairs into my Bodyshop network…  9.7% of my work!”.
Chris Lock – Group Bodyshop Manager of Marshall Motor Group

“Year on year the programme goes from strength to strength with it being at the top end of innovation within the industry”.
Darren Leach – Bodyshop Manager at Hildenborough

OEM Impact

+300% With the help of Outsorc the OEM achieved tremendous growth in annual trade parts sales
+182% With the help of Outsorc mystery shopping scores increased from 34% to 96% in 12-months
+352% With the help of Outsorc the OEM achieved 100% network standards compliance to the trade programme in 18-months - increasing from 22 to 122 dealers
+135% With the help of Outsorc van delivery sales increased by 135% in 12-months
+78% With the help of Outsorc the OEM increased sales by 78% to the IMT in 12-months
+28% With the help of Outsorc the OEM increased sales by 28% in 3-months through a best-practice sharing programme