About Us

What We Do

Outsorc is a specialist outsource partner for vehicle manufacturers and tier-1 suppliers in the automotive aftermarket, when results matter. Outsorc is focused on creating and performance managing operational programmes to support retailers, service centres and crash repair centres when high levels of implementation effectiveness and efficiency is required.

Core expertise is developing new value-creating operational programmes and rejuvenating established ones by aligning Outsorc’s commercial objectives with those of the vehicle manufacturer and other primary stakeholders. Outsorc ensures the programme structure, content, implementation strategy and deliverables are clear and practicable; and that activities people perform, when and how well they perform them is performance managed.  Outsorc’s focus is to achieve performance improvement for clients.  

This is what differentiates us: when people and results matter.

Outsorc support programmes are vehicle manufacturer-branded and we recruit, develop and performance manage the most capable industry professionals with relevant experience and expertise to quickly create value for clients.

Outsorc performance manages a number of high profile vehicle manufacturer programmes in the UK and Europe.

Our vision is simple, but still demanding in terms of driving everything we do in our organisation:

Our vision is that every client recommends Outsorc because we improve performance.


The Volvo UK Paint team continues to impress the global team here in Sweden…They set the benchmark for the central team and the global markets when it comes to developing this very specialist area. It is a very fast-paced and highly productive programme that consistently delivers and adds real value to the approved network. It is quite fantastic”.
Bartek Rosinski – Product Manager – Volvo Global Body & Paint Manager

“As for the manufacturer’s programme itself, over the last few years it has become unrecognisable to the sleepy programme and structure that was in place before the OUTSORC team took over”.
Jon Stephens – Cambridge Garage ARC