Our Approach

What We Think

The automotive industry is complex and continuing to change with OEMs finding it increasingly challenging to find the experts they need to drive their business forward at a pace they desire, without distracting finite resources.

A people-centric approach to outsource programme management is what makes the difference between average and above-average performance for OEMs and key suppliers. The adoption of technology without day-to-day human interaction and relationship building drives the commoditization of products and services, erodes margin and discourages customer loyalty. OEMs are trying to do essentially the same things and in the same way as their rivals in the after-market and, subsequently, it’s unlikely that anyone will be a stand-out success, especially as new and emerging independents are focused on market share…fitting in is a failure whilst not standing out is the same as being invisible. All OEMs utilise outbound call centres and data capture tools, for example, but not all have focused and performance managed after-market support programmes that is people-centric.

Outsorc believes a successful outsource programme in the after-market is one where all stakeholder’s needs are addressed: OEM, key supplier(s), OEM approved network, the crash repair centre and the end-customer. And so we develop and performance manage programmes that meet the needs of all.

By moving from an in-house service to one provided by Outsorc, you will get access to its extensive industry knowledge-base, business performance improvement tools, economies of scale, expert teams recruited specifically for your needs and flexible delivery options. People and results matter.


“The manufacturer’s Approved Body and Paint Programme improves each year in ways that matter to my business… we are fast becoming the network of choice for Insurers…”
Peter Weddle MD of Fix Auto Blackburn